CONS 453 – 6 credit Summer Course (May – June)

Apply credits to your program

CONS 453 credit is applicable to any degree program in the natural sciences at UBC and may be applicable for transfer to other universities.¬†Formal approval has been obtained for application of credits to UBC degree programs in: Biology, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and Land and Food Systems. Please contact your faculty’s student services advisors to see how course credit may be applied in your program.

UBC Forestry students may use CONS 453 as program electives, general electives, or to fulfill specific program requirements. Please contact Forestry Undergraduate Student Services for more information on how you can apply credits to your program.


Students should have a third-year standing in their program, as well as courses in the following areas:

  • 6 credits in Ecology (e.g. FRST 210 and 211, or BIOL 302 and 303)
  • 3 credits in Statistics (e.g. FRST 231, or BIOL 300)

CONS 330 is strongly recommended, but other third-year courses in the natural sciences that emphasize scientific writing and experimental design will be considered at the discretion of the instructor.

Students should have a strong interest in studying and traveling abroad, be willing to participate and function as a part of a group, and be flexible in their requirements for personal comfort.

Students must hold a current passport and be eligible to apply for a tourist visa to India.


Students will be required to pay a course fee to cover accommodations, most food, and travel costs while in India. Return airfare is separate to the course fee, but students will be required to arrive in India by a specific date and time. Tuition for the course (6 credits) is also separate to the course fee.

An estimate of the course fee is available on request.